Working with Mr. Dad

Armin Brott has experience helping dads at home and at work. Below we describe the different ways you can become a better dad or create a father-friendly work environment today.

Coaching for Dads

Being a great dad (or the partner of a great dad!) is a challenge, and we all need a little help sometimes. With more than a decade of experience working with fathers and families, Armin can provide you with practical, easy-to-implement strategies to help you be the father you want to be.

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Break into the Dad Market

Today’s dads are involved in every aspect of raising a family, and account for a growing percentage of family purchases. Smart brands know that approaches that appeal to women won’t necessarily appeal to men. Armin can help your brand become a “Dadfluencer” by crafting messages that will resonate with men and fathers.

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Corporate Spokesperson

Armin has earned an enviable credibility as an authority on fatherhood and families. A veteran of hundreds of radio, television, and print interviews, he is a master at getting the message out. His gentle sense of humor and his relaxed on-camera style make him the personality you want to represent your company.

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Keynotes, Classes, Speaking

Armin offers a variety of keynote presentations and workshops to educate and inspire your employees or audience. Drawing on extensive interviews and research as well as his own experience, Armin always provides real-world information, understanding, and tips that will immediately benefit fathers and their families.

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Trusted Partners

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Looking for a coach, speaker, great interview, spokesperson, or an expert in marketing to dads? Do you need some advice on a specific parenting challenge? Mr. Dad has what you need!

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There’s been an attitude shift among men, thanks in no small part to books by men such as Armin Brott.

Life Magazine

Because men have a different approach to parenting, even our own wives may consider us ineffective or bumbling. Brott is helping change that perception.

Men's Health magazine

Being recognized by Armin Brott, an absolute luminary on the topic of dadhood, is an extreme honor for my clients. When I heard about the opportunity to compete for a coveted spot on the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval list, I urged all of my clients to enter.

Lisa Orman

Public Relations, KidStuff

Just the mention of the Mr. Dad award oftentimes makes the retailer take notice.

Lea Culliton

President, HABA USA