Could Having Lunch at Work Make You Sick?

Your workplace is an incubator for many things: project collaborations, idea brainstorming and germs. That’s right, every office is harboring more than a fair share of germs that can make you quite ill.  A study published by Kimberly-Clark Professional unearthed some surprising statistics when it comes to the most germ-ridden areas in your workplace. The […]

Stereotypes 101, Part II: Women Prefer Big Men with Deeper Voices (and Men Prefer the Opposite in Women)

Okay, we’ve established that women find men with heavy stubble most attractive and men with full beards as the most masculine and best-suited for fatherhood. Since you’re going to be shaving less, consider spending all that free time working on dropping your voice an octave or two. Turns out that women prefer men with husky, […]

Sweet Dreams: Why Sleep Is Critical to Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Sleep deprivation is a terrible thing: It messes with your brain, making you less alert and less able to think clearly. In previous articles on this site, we’ve talked about how not getting about six hours of sleep per night for long periods of time also increases your chances of being overweight. But according to […]

The Pleasure of Touch

Are any of these scenarios familiar? It’s bedtime. You’re tired. You crawl into bed, and your honey moves over to you and puts a hand on your thigh. Is this a suggestion for sex? Scene number two: You’re at the office at your desk. Your boss, who is of the opposite sex, comes over to […]

Chronic Disease? Not the Kind of Thing You Want to Take Sitting Down. Really.

Want to know one of the biggest predictors of chronic disease? Are you sitting down? Well, you shouldn’t be. According to researcher at the University of Western Sydney (Australia) and Kansas State University (United States), men who spend more than four hour per day sitting down are more likely to suffer from cancer, diabetes, heart […]

Got a teen? You need to know about the 5 most dangerous teen jobs

Okay, this is going to be a bit of a downer, but if you’re the parent of a teen who’s going to be out trying to find work this summer, you need to read this.

Every year, about about 146,000 young people 15-24 suffer a work-related injury. That’s 400 every day. In addition, 2012 has seen some rather shocking cases of teens getting killed on the job. Here are just a few example from a just-release report by the National Consumers League.

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