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Flossing and Aging

As we age many things become more difficult. One of the hardest to deal with is maintaining proper dental care. Because our hands are less flexible and mobile as we get older, oral care becomes increasingly difficult – especially flossing. Flossing i…

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Try Not Sitting

Have you heard about a new disease that affects almost half of Americans and is lethal if it goes unchecked? It’s called “sitting disease.”  It’s real and it’s the new smoking. The Chair as Enemy Sitting is an example of a “sedentary

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The Beauty of Belts

Regardless of what kind of shoes you wear, try this: bend down and pretend you’re tying your shoes. If you can’t see the toes of your shoes, there’s a good chance that your testosterone level is low. And, you could probably be healthier. When we…

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Wi-Fi, Sperm Counts and Fertility

Maybe it’s time to rename the “laptop” computer something else and keep if off our laps (how about mobile computers or “mobees”?). First we hear that they generate heat that elevates scrotal temperature, and now the Wi-Fi radiation itself…

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Go Local, not Loco

You’ve tried the triumvirate of pills for erectile dysfunction. Herbal remedies and over the counter concoctions haven’t helped. They either never worked or have stopped working. Frustration and sex are now good buddies. Time to get more creative…

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Timing (And Position) Are Everything

Missionary? Doggie? Cowgirl? Kneeling Lotus? Quarter moon? Full moon? No moon? Is there really a best lovemaking time or position to have a girl or boy? History of Designing Sex for a Boy or Girl Methods for determining baby gender are ancient, even pr…

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