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Building Children’s Mental Toughness + Living with a SEAL

Positive Parenting interviews with Rob Bell, coauthor of Don’t “Should” on Your Kids, about building your children’s mental toughness and why the old saying that “sports is 90% mental” is 100% wrong.
Also, an interview with Jesse Itzler, author of Living with a SEAL.

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Let’s All Cheer for Team Spirit

Two, four, six, eight Who do we appreciate? The [opponents’ team name] !!   Anyone who’s played, or coached, or just watched youth sports has heard that cheer. The idea behind it is a good one: the winning team is thanking...

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Using Sports To Build Health And Character

Intolerance. Obesity. Bullying. The media is full of reminders about the negative things that affect young people today. And there’s a lot of truth there. There’s also a lot of truth behind the idea that participating in sports...

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