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Life Goals: Major Milestones to Hit by Age 30

Are you approaching the big 3-0? For many people, hitting this adult milestone is a major deal that causes them to pause and ponder their life, past, present – and future. If you are in your late 20’s and have been wondering...

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Protecting Your Most Precious Investment

As a father and husband, you want to protect your family. That’s why you go to work every day, and it’s why you chose an occupation that can adequately provide your family with security and stability. This way, you can purchase...

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Hey, Whose Birth Is This, Anyway?

Dear Mr. Dad: We’re about to have a baby and my wife is trying to convince me to have a home birth with a tub of water. I just don’t feel comfortable with this idea and would really rather just go to the hospital and deal with a...

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