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Cure for the common cold? Have kids!

Seems like every two weeks there’s a new study about how having kids affects parents. Some say it makes us happy, while others say it depresses us. Some say it extends our lifeapan, while others say it shortens us. Well, now...

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Breastfeeding Dad

Dear Mr. Dad: My baby’s mom and I are separated and I hardly ever get to see my 9-month old son because my ex is breastfeeding. Isn’t there some way I can spend more than just a few hours at a time with him? A: Feeding...

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Unexpected benefits of daycare

Dear Mr. Dad: My wife and I are expecting our first and we’re on the fence about whether to hire a nanny or find a childcare center for our son. It would be great to have someone at home to take care of household chores,...

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