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Parenting without Fear + Promise Land

Interviews with William Levin, author of “Parenting without Fear,” about recognizing and disengaging from the shamed and fearful beliefs that obstruct natural partnerships between parents and children; and Jessica Lamb-Shapiro, author of “Promise Land,” who takes us on an eye-opening tour through America’s self-help culture.

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Expecting Anxiety

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m 34 and my wife is just a few weeks away from giving birth to our first baby. I’m excited about becoming a dad, but my anxiety levels over the past week have been through the roof and sometimes I feel like...

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Nothing to Fear but Overreactions

Dear Mr. Dad: I’ve read stories about people having ID numbers etched into their children’s teeth, and not letting their kids play outside, and those Amber Alerts make it seem as though hundreds of children are being abducted...

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