For Dads, Every Day is Father’s Day

Mr. Dad Seal of ApprovalOkay, so this year’s Father’s Day has come and gone. But, really and truly, isn’t every day father’s day? Well, it should be! So if you’re looking for a just-because gift for dad, check out the most recent winners of the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval.

Today’s involved dads are always searching for ways to spend quality time with their children–doing things that they’ll enjoy doing as much as the kids will. The Mr. Dad Seal of Approval honors toys, games, and apps that do exactly that.

How does a company earn the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval? Details are at But to sum it up, if it’s got that, “Hey-Dad-can-we-do-that-again?!” factor, chances are it’s a winner. If you or someone you know is interested in submitting a product, give it a shot–there’s no fee to apply.

Click here for the complete list of 2014 Father’s Day winners.

Fatherhood: The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m what you’ve referred to as a “renewed dad.” I’ve got young adult children from a previous relationship and just became a new dad again. Things already seem very different than they were the first time around. Has fatherhood changed or is it just me?

A: A little of both. Renewed dads tend to be more financially secure and less worried about moving up the corporate latter than younger dads who are often just starting their careers. Renewed dads also typically have more time to spend with their young children. You’ll find that you’ll interact with your baby differently than you did with your older kids when they were the same age. Then, your back and knees were stronger than they are now and you probably spent more time wrestling, running, kicking, and doing other physical things. These days you’ll spend a little less time on the floor, and more time reading and talking to your baby.
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Five Great Ways to Spend Father’s Day

(Disclosure: The following sponsored post was made available by Reese Brands. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

Throughout the year, I discuss ways to make each day special with one’s children and how to be the best dad you can be. Despite our best efforts, life gets busy and time together gets slimmer and slimmer as the kids get older and involved in their own activities. Father’s Day is a great day to step back and plan to do something really special now that it’s warming up and there are so many wonderful outdoor activities.

Here are several ways to bond with your kids this weekend:

1. Go Camping
Bond while exploring the great outdoors! Whether you’re a frequent camper or a novice, don’t leave home without plenty of straps and bungees for securing camping items to your vehicle. Tents, coolers, water sports equipment and other camping equipment will still be attached and safe when you arrive at your camping destination.

The following video is provided by Reese Towpower in honor of dads and kids spending time together for Father’s Day.

2. Take a road trip
Pack up the car or RV and take a family road trip! If you planning last minute, think about where you can go for even a single night. Whether driving across the state or the country, make sure your trailer, ATV or boat is hitched securely using a REESE® Towpower™ tow hitch, made from solid no-weld construction for maximum strength and safety, you can relax and enjoy the trip knowing that your gear is safe and secure. Make sure to bring games, DVDs and snacks to keep the kids entertained on long car trips using the Highland REESE® Back Seat Activity Center, an all-in-one solution for daily outings or long road trips.

3. Go on a bike ride
There’s nothing like exploring a park or trail by bike. Take the family on a bike ride to a local park or trail and make memories along the way. If you have to drive to get to a park, rest assured your bikes are securely transported using a Highland REESE® Sportwing bike rack. The ultimate solution for carrying all types of bikes, their adjustable support cradles hold bikes by the wheels working with any style along with quick and easy loading.

4. Take a day trip to the beach or nearby lake
The water may still be a bit chilly, but the weather is just right or a day trip to the beach or your nearby lake. Despite your best packing efforts, there never seems to be enough room when it comes to beach trips, especially for floats and toys. Pack the essentials securely into Highland REESE® Rooftop basket carriers so that the kids won’t be cramped in the back seat.

5. Plan a cookout
If nothing else, plan to spend quality time over the grill. After dinner, if you have a firepit, roast a few marshmallows and sit back and relax.

Most of all, enjoy the day and enjoy special time with the family with best wishes from myself and the crew at ReeseBrands.

Mr. Dad Seal of Approval: Father’s Day Deadline Approaching

Mr. Dad Seal of Approval

Mr. Dad Seal of Approval: We’re Looking for Dad-Friendly Products in All the Right Places

Do you know of a great product or service that encourages dads and their children to spend more time together?

If so, the team wants to hear about it!

As one of the leading websites promoting positive parenting for dads, we’re pleased to announce that submissions are still open for the Father’s Day 2014 Mr. Dad Seal of Approval.

But hurry. As you can imagine, Father’s Day is kind of like our Christmas (although we have Christmas awards too), and we’re already receiving lots of entries. The deadline for submissions is May 26, 2014. We’ll announce the winners the week of June 2. You can find out more and submit your products at

Next to “I love you, Daddy,” some of the sweetest words a father can hear are, “Hey Dad, can we play that again?” But it’s not always easy to find toys, games, and activities that have the “play-it-again” factor. That’s why we created the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval: to help dads (and those who love them) identify top-quality, fun products and services that will help them and their children stay connected at every age. Each Seal recipient has been field tested by other dads to ensure that it truly accomplishes that goal.

Putting a Mr. Dad Seal of Approval on your product tells customers that they’re looking at something dads and kids will enjoy together. Past recipients include Lego, Haba USA, The Smithsonian, Nintendo, B. Toys, Ravensburger, Wild Creations, Putumayo, and many more.

The Mr. Dad Seal of Approval is managed by Armin Brott and Samantha Feuss (Have Sippy Will Travel). Seal winners will be promoted on Armin’s and Samantha’s websites as well as through their extensive social media contacts (>20,000 on Facebook, >50,000 on Twitter). Winners may also be featured in “Parents@Play,” the nationally syndicated (by McClatchy) toy-review column Armin and Sam co-write, as well as on the toy review segment on “Positive Parenting,” Armin’s radio show that airs on more than 500 stations.

For more info and to submit your products, visit


To Fathers and Fathers To Be

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