A Vision of the Future: Advances in Treating Eye Conditions, Part 2

In the first part of this article, we introduced five remarkable innovations for treating eye conditions. They included an implantable telescope for sufferers of macular degeneration, a glasses-worn computer that reads—and speaks—text for vision impaired or blind people. Here are the remaining five from the top ten list compiled by israel21c.org. Bionic lens. A prototype […]

A Vision of the Future: Advances in Treating Eye Conditions, Part 1

If you or anyone you know are visually disabled or have a medical condition of the eye, you’ll definitely want to know about some incredible scientific advances in treatment made by scientists in Israel. In this piece, we’ll discuss five of the top ten from an article on the website israel21c.org. In part 2, we’ll […]

More Deadly Differences: Who’s the Weaker Sex?

When we talk about male-female disparities in lifespan, we’re generally referring to the diseases and conditions that kill adult men and women: cancers, heart attacks, diabetes, and so on. If the discussion health disparities between male and female children and adolescents, the focus is usually on accidents and suicide—both of which end the lives of […]

The Secret to a Longer Life? Follow Directions

It seems that there’s a new study out every day proving that eating certain foods (like more veggies and less meat) or doing certain things (like getting enough exercise and sleep) can improve and/or extend your life. Reading—and thinking—are a good first step. But they’re not much unless you actually do something to make some […]

How Erectile Dysfunction Medications Can Affect Your Vision

Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and a newer drug called Stendra are all in the same class of drugs known as phosphodiesterase inhibitors. They are used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. In the package insert, one of the listed side effects is a reported sudden decrease or loss of vision which has not been specifically determined […]

Does 3D Television Work For Everyone?

Before you invest in that 3-D TV technology be aware that 3-D is not for everyone. Between 4 to 10% of the American population have difficulties viewing 3-D televisions.  In this blog, I will attempt to explain in lay terms why that occurs. The eyes work together in our vision to help create depth perception. […]