Lookin’ for At-Home Moms and Dads to Work on Cool Parenting-Related Project

I’m launching a new project based on some of my books and am looking for a few at-home moms and dads (and/or expectant moms or dads) to help out.  I’m really psyched about this project and I think you will be too.

DM me @mrdad or drop a line through the website.

Unemployed Expectant Parents

Dear Mr. Dad: I’m almost eight months pregnant but my boyfriend and I are having relationship troubles. We’re both jobless right now, which is a strain. Plus, I get the feeling that he doesn’t want the responsibility of being a dad and wishes he was still single. He denies it and insists he loves me and the baby, and I know he is actively looking for a job. But I’m afraid. How can I be sure he’ll stay with me and be a good and responsible father and partner?

A: I wish there was a simple answer to your question. Unfortunately, though, relationships don’t come with a warranty, and the truth is that there’s no guaranteed way to make sure your boyfriend will stay or, if he does, that he’ll be the “good and responsible father and partner” you’re looking for.
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