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Becoming a Child Whisperer + Army Chaplains + Mentoring Female Servicemembers and Vets

Guest 1:Carol Tuttle, author of . Topic: The ultimate guide for raising happy, successful, cooperative children. Issues:Have a happier, more cooperative child using less discipline; repair troubled parent/teen relationships; know exactly how to best motivate your child; foster more natural confidence and success in your child. Interviews with… Guest 2: Ken Stice, Chaplain, Office of Chief of Chaplains, US Army. Additional resource: Army Strong Bonds program, www.strongbonds.org Guest 3: Joan Grey, Mentoring Liaison, Business Professional […]

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New Diabetes Prescription + Be the Mom + Sergeant Major of the Army + Nat Mil Fam Assn

Guest 1: Aaron Snyder, author of . Topic: Taking control of your diabetes—instead of having it control you. Issues: Is it possible to cure or reverse diabetes? How you can stabilize you blood sugar, lower your cholesterol and blood pressure, lose weight, regain energy, control your emotional eating, and get off as much medication as possible. Guest 2: Tracey Lanter Eyster, author of . Topic: Overcome attitude traps and enjoy your kids. Issues: Seven “mom […]

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