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Tips for Curbing Lower Back Pain While Driving

Lower back pain is the scourge of a sizeable portion of the American public. Indeed, according to the ACA, some 31 million U.S. citizens suffer from lower back pain at some point in their lives. For a few, the problem is mild; for others, it is a chron…

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The High Cost of Ignoring Men’s Health

With Men’s Health Month in the news, just about everyone knows that men live shorter (by about 5-6 years), less-healthier lives than women. Every year, hundreds of thousands of men die prematurely from thoroughly...

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The high costs of raising an autistic child

Did you know that it may cost $3.2 million to care for an autistic child over his or her lifetime? As if that wasn’t bad enough, families with autistic children earn almost $18,000 less per year than parents of normally...

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