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Long-Distance Parenting

Dear Mr. Dad: My ex and I share custody of our son (age 6) but she recently moved a few hundred miles away so I sometimes don’t get to see him for a few weeks. In between, I really miss him and I worry that he’ll forget who I am...

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Divorced? Better Stay Away from Social Media

Social media is being used for just about everything these days, from keeping up with friends and family and reporting breaking news, to getting insights into the inner workings of school shooters’ mind and vetting job...

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Telling Your Kids about Divorce

Dear Mr. Dad: My wife and I are going to get divorced. How do I tell my 3-year old daughter and 7-year old son what’s happening so they’ll understand that it’s about their mother and father, not about them? A: Divorce is never...

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Want to keep your kids? Better lose weight.

If you had any doubts that there’s too much government intrusion in our lives, this one will convince you. A 360-pound divorced dad of two believes that a judge in Canada has put his two children—ages 5 and 6—up for adoption...

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