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Parenting and Childcare Styles around the World + ParentSpeak

Interviews with Alma Gottlieb, co-author of “A World of Babies,” about differing childcare styles in eight non-US societies; and with Jennifer Lehr, author of “ParentSpeak,” about what’s wrong with how we talk to our children—and what to say instead.

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Sharing Childearing

I’ve got a pretty flexible schedule at work and I’d really like to share the childcare equally with my wife. She seems so good at it, though, that I’m not sure I can ever catch up. Is there anything I can do to...

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Dealing with Daddy Stress

My son was born four months ago, and things are starting to settle down. We’re really enjoying our new roles as mom and dad. But every time I sit down to do some extra work on the computer, I feel guilty about leaving my...

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