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Parental Blind Spots Can Be Deadly

Dear Mr. Dad: There are a lot of news items these days about how little parents know about what their kids are up to. Take the Florida girl who committed suicide after being bullied. How could the parents of the bullies be so...

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The Serious Effects of Internet Porn

When I was about 10, finding porn (yes, like most boys my age, I spent a great deal of time trying to score some) wasn’t very easy. Or cheap. But today, anyone with an internet connection can find whatever he (or she) is looking...

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Don’t Moms Buy Everything? Ah, Nope.

Dear Mr. Dad: In last week’s column you complained that advertising ignores dads. As I understand it, moms make most purchasing decisions. Wouldn’t advertising to men alienate women? And why should advertisers spend money...

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