[amazon asin=098881000X&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Deanna Brann, author of Reluctantly Related
Secrets to getting along with your mother-in-law or daughter-in-law
Issues: Understanding why your relationship with your in-law is so hard; powerful tools and techniques to bring peace and lasting change to your relationship; how to change your relationship without having to confront your in-law; what husbands and sons can do to stay out of the middle.

[amazon asin=0757306608&template=thumbleft&chan=default]Christopher Blazina, author of The Secret Lives of Men
What men want you to know about love, sex, and relationships
Issues: The differences between the way men and women think; understanding that different is different—it doesn’t mean better or worse.

[amazon asin=0345497775&template=thumbleft&chan=default]Edward Hallowell, coauthor of Superparenting for ADD.
An innovative approach to raising your distracted child.
Issues: How to tune out the diagnosticians and labelers and simply notice and nurture the spirit of your child; learning to recognize the strengths and positive traits of ADD; helping children develop self- and social awareness.