Guest 1: Samantha Feuss, adoptive mother of two.
Topic: When adoption doesn’t work out.
Issues: The risks of international adoptions; what agencies don’t tell you about your adopted child’s background, age, and more; worries about being judged if an adoption goes bad; finding support from other parents and social workers who understand what it’s like.

[amazon asin=098157730X&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 2: Alyce Desrosiers, author of Nannies for Modern Moms.
Topic: Hiring the right nanny for your child and you.
Issues: What type of nanny do you need? Pitfalls to finding the right nanny; determining the right “fit” for your child; evaluating and eliminating candidates.

[amazon asin=1412810906&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 3: Anne Pierce, author of Ships without a Shore.
Topic: America’s Undernurtured Children.
Issues: Many of the problems afflicting America’s young people are rooted in the very practices that area meant to help them; many of the change in what’s considered acceptable parenting are based on untested theories and false beliefs; are we creating kids without a moral compass?.