Guest 1: Vikki Stark, Author of My Sister, My Self.
Understanding the sibling relationship that shapes our lives, our loves, and ourselves.
Issues: Having grown up as an older, younger, middle, or twin sister influences a woman’s choice of occupation, your circle of friends, your love life—even how she feels about her own body.

Guest 2: Gregg Stebben, Editor of Best Life Magazine
Is it okay to spy on our kids?
Issues: Cell phones let you pinpoint your child’s exact location, car gadgets let you record everywhere your teens go and how fast they drive, software lets you log every keystroke your child makes on his computer, “Geo-Fencing” systems let you program his cell phone so that when your child enters or leaves a specified zone, you will be alerted … just because these products are available (and affordable) does that mean you should use them?