[amazon asin=0399537503&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 1: Stephanie Lucianovic, author of Suffering Succotash.
Topic: Why we hate the foods we hate.
Issues: The science behind food preferences and aversions; how someone (the author) who lived on grilled cheese for years ended up graduating from culinary school and became a food writer how picky eaters can survive dinner parties and even order in restaurants without driving their companions nuts; is there a cure to picky eating?

[amazon asin=1606792253&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 2: Natalie Digate Muth, author of Eat Your Vegetables.
Topic: Redefining how to raise healthy eaters.
Issues: The reverse psychology of getting kids to eat healthy; why the “clean plate club” contributes to childhood (and adult) obesity; how using food as a reward causes more long-term damage than short-term parental sanity; how marketing and packaging sabotage healthy eating habits.

Guest 3: Peggy Neu, president of The Monday Campaigns
Topic: Starting your week of on the right foot.
Issues: Why Monday is the day “all health breaks loose”; Getting kids and parents cooking together; the importance of having family meals; Kids Cook Monday, Meatless Monday, and more.

[amazon asin=0345494539&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 4: Matthew Kelly, author of Building Better Families.
Topic: Raising amazing children in a changing world.
Issues: What makes a successful parent? Identifying your priorities as a family; the five things children really need; the importance of having realistic expectations of ourselves, our children, and our family.

[amazon asin=0393705196&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 5: Amy Baker, author of Adult Children of Parental Alienation Syndrome.Topic: Understanding the long-term damage done to children who were turned by one parents against the other.
Issues: What is parental alienation (PA)? What was it like to be a child who was manipulated by one parent? Strategies used by parental alienators to drive a wedge between the child and the other parent; how do these children grow up?