[amazon asin=158761250X&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 1: Fred Kaeser, author of Talking about Sex.
Topic: Straight-talking info for parents.
Issues: How our sexualized culture is making kids grow up too quickly; when to start basic conversations about sex (hint: a lot earlier than you think); tools for navigating uncomfortable topics.

Guest 2: Eliot Mizrachi, director of Communications for the Entertainment Software Rating Board.
Topic: Ratings for games and software.
Issues: How and why are movie ratings and software ratings different? How many categories are there and what do they mean? How decides what a game’s rating should be and how do they decide? How effective is the ratings system. Click here to download a smartphone ratings app.

  • Interview with Tim Walz, Congressman (MN). Veterans Affairs Committee, Military Family Caucus, National Guard and Reserve Caucus.
  • Interview with Joe Wilson, Congressman (SC). House Armed Services Committee (Chair, Subcommittee on Military Personnel), Military Family Caucus.