[amazon asin=1572248637&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 1: Sara Rosenquist, author of After the Stork.
Topic: A couple’s guide to preventing and overcoming postpartum depression.
Issues: What is postpartum depression (PPD)—and what isn’t it? The true causes of PPD; warning signs; why just as many dads as moms develop PPD; when expectations meet reality; the social side of PPD.

Guest 2: James Steyer, CEO and Founder of CommonSenseMedia.
Topic: Is social networking changing childhood?
Issues: Discussing a recent survey that found that kids are increasingly connected with friends, classmates, and others through social networks—and parents are completely out of the loop; what parents need to do to supervise and monitor their kids’ online behavior.

[amazon asin=0743277112&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 3: Timothy Smith, author of Crashproof Your Kids.Topic: Make your teen a safer, smarter driver.
Issues: Developing your teen’s braking, car control, and defensive driving skills; handling road emergencies and basic maintenance; helping young drivers deal with dangerous distractions; a parent-child contract that outlines expectations, responsibilities, and rules.