[amazon asin=1456495283&template=thumbnail1]Guest 1: Joe Rawlinson, author of Dad’s Guide to Twins.
Topic: How to survive the twin pregnancy and prepare for your twins.
Issues: Preparations you need to make for newborn twins; answers to “how am I going to pay for all of this?” what twin gear you need and what you can skip; special challenges twin dads must face. Click here to visit Joe’s blog.

[amazon asin=B002YX0F3S&template=thumbnail1]Guest 2: Priscilla Dunstan, author of Child Sense.
Topic: Make sleeping, eating, dressing, and other everyday activities easier while strengthening your bond with your child.
Issues: Understanding your child’s—and your own—dominant sense and sensory personality; how sensory overload plays out from infancy through age 5; how and why your child’s sensory personality shapes the way he or she instinctively reacts to new experiences and people; help your child thrive in the outside world.

[amazon asin=0425215873&template=thumbnail1]Guest 3: Darci Klein, author of To Full Term.
Topic: Triumphing over miscarriage.
Issues: Half of all miscarriages are caused by chromosomal abnormalities—but the other are not; understanding options; confronting resisting medical professionals and treating medical conditions that may be causing miscarriages or premature births.

[amazon asin=B00B8588PK&template=thumbnail1]Guest 4: Mark Crawford, author of When Two Become Three.
Topic: Nurturing your marriage after baby arrives.
Issues: Over 90 percent of couples say there’s more tension in their relationship in the year after becoming parents than before; the biggest sources of new-parent conflicts and how to deal with it; redefining “fair” and “equality” at home; understanding the different ways moms and dads react to new-parent stress.