Guest 1: John Davis, author of Extreme Pursuit.

Topic: Winning the race for the heart of your son.

Issues: Teen boys are driven by design to be extraordinary, to build and make an impact on their world. But left unchecked, this intensity can fuel destructive behavior. When our teens are slipping away, how do we get them back?

Guest 2: Logan Levkoff, author of Third Base Ain’t What It Used to Be.

Topic: What your kids are learning about sex today, and how to teach them to become sexually healthy adults.

Issues: Ending the hysteria about sex ed by clarifying the difference between the facts of puberty and the values every parent holds; sex is good, and sex education equals life education; when parents ignore kids’ questions about sexuality, those kids turn to their peers for information—and information from kids on the school bus can be dreadfully wrong.