[amazon asin=1583334157&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 1: Richard Eyre, coauthor of The Entitlement Trap.
Topic: Creating a new family system of choosing, earning, and ownership.
Issues: Teaching children to work for what they want; spur enthusiasm about responsibility in unmotivated children; cultivate values of discipline, integrity, and self-reliance; foster smart, economically savvy children.

[amazon asin=1590304071&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 2: Brad Sachs, author of When No One Understands.
Topic: Letters to a teenager on life, loss, and the hard road to adulthood.
Issues: Why more and more teens are being diagnosed with depression and the suicide rate is rising; the difference between normal teenage sullenness and true depression; the importance of communicating with teenagers and some ways of doing so when face-to-face conversations aren’t possible.

[amazon asin=0787995177&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 3: Allan Beane, author of Protect Your Child from Bullying.
Topic: Advice to help recognize, prevent, and stop bullying before your child gets hurt.
Issues: Tell-tale signs that your child is being victimized; understanding the characteristics that make a child an easy target; how to give your child a solid foundation for dealing with bullying situations; why not to teach a child to physically retaliate against a bully.