[amazon asin=B008BUD710&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 1: Stephen Apaliski, author of Beating Asthma.
Topic: Seven simple principles to help you cope with and manage asthma.
Issues: Discover which factors may trigger your asthma and how you can avoid them; the many tests available to assess asthma in order to best treat it; medications ot keep asthma under control; creating an action plan to avoid frightening attacks and keep daily life (largely) symptom free.

[amazon asin=1886230668&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 2: Marsha Temlock, author of Your Child’s Divorce.
Topic: What to expect when an adult child gets divorced.
Issues: Understanding your role in helping your adult child and your grandchildren cope with divorce; adjusting to your role as grandparent when your adult child remarries; constructing healthy boundaries to avoid becoming consumed with your child’s problems.

[amazon asin=B003H4REBO&template=thumbnail1&chan=default]Guest 3: Sherman Silber, author of ]How to Get Pregnant.
Topic: Understanding infertility and overcoming it.
Issues: The changing definition of “biological clock”; why humans don’t know when to have sex and why human sexuality is reproductively inefficient; various fertility techniques; incredible new technologies that will change the way couples have children.