Parenting a Child Who Cuts + Screw Love

Interviews with Michael Hollander, author of Helping Teens Who Cut, about developing the skills and techniques to end self-injury; and Michael Bennett and Sarah Bennett, authors of F*ck Love, about sensible advice for finding a lasting relationship.

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Practical Self Defense + Lifesaving Spy Secrets

Interviews with Damian Ross, founder of the Self Defense Training System, about real-world self-defense strategies; and with Jason Hanson, author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life, about safety and survival techniques to keep your family protected.

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Raising the Transgender Child + Finally Focused

Interviews with Michele Angello and Alisa Bowman, coauthors of “Raising the Transgender Child,” about everything parents, friends, and caregivers need to know; and with James Greenblatt, author of “Finally Focused,” about his breakthrough natural treatment plan for ADHD.

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The Kindness Challenge + Breathe, Mama, Breathe

Interview with Shaunti Feldhahn, author of “The Kindness Challenge,” about three simple acts that make a huge difference in any relationship in 30 days; and with Shonda Moralis, author of “Breathe, Mama, Breathe,” about 5-minute mindfulness for busy moms.

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