The American Forces Radio Network (AFN) is one of the largest radio networks in the world. Every day, AFN reaches an audience of more than one million American servicemembers and their families, plus several hundred thousand American civilian contractors and employees of the U.S. Departments of State and Defense–every military base and American embassy in 177 countries, and on every U.S. ship at sea. AFN staions also reach more than 100 million local civilian listeners worldwide. Unlike in the U.S., where all the stations in a given market are competing for the same listeners, AFN’s audience is highly captive because there are few English-language alternatives.

Benefits and Opportunities
Unlike commercial radio, AFN broadcasts commercial-free, allowing instead for live or produced 10–12 second “billboards” or “sponsor mentions” thanking the program’s underwriting partners/sponsors (“Today’s show was made possible by a generous grant from our sponsor…”).

  • A 15-second billboard at the beginning and/or end of each episode of “Positive Parenting,” in which host Armin Brott thanks the sponsor for making this program a reality for AFN’s audience.
  • One new episode airs every week. Each show runs 55-minutes and broadcasts twice. In addition, episodes will be permanently available as podcasts on the show’s website,, and through iTunes.
  • No sponsor clutter. A maximum of two select sponsors per show.
  • Millions of highly targeted AFN listeners worldwide will hear your message. And every one of them will know that “Positive Parenting” is made possible by your company’s support.
  • Your company becomes a visible supporter of the men and women serving our country.
  • Create special offers, contests, and giveaways for the military audience.
  • Website sponsorship ads.
  • Sponsor interviews. If appropriate, we may feature an interview with a spokesperson from your company.

Listener Demographics

  • Servicemembers are approximately 80 percent male, 20 percent female. When family members are included, however, the audience is far more balanced.
  • The military audience is younger than the general population. 23 percent are under 22 years of age; 29 percent are between 22 and 26; 17 percent between 27 and 31.
  • The military audience is more brand-loyal than the average American consumer. Military wives are in their 20s and 30s, raising young children, buying homes for the first time and in general, establishing brand loyalty that could last a lifetime.
  • Well over half of active duty, Reserve, and National Guard personnel are married, and nearly 40 percent have children.
  • Active military are employed in a recession-proof field and generally unaffected by drops in consumer confidence.
  • With $80 billion in household income, married military families represent one of the most powerful yet underserved consumer market segments in the world.

About the Show and the Host

“Positive Parenting” has been on the air on San Francisco’s top radio station for more than 15 years. The show also runs on more than a dozen other stations around the country. Each week, host Armin Brott interviews expert guests about important and timely topics of interest to parents and families. Equipped with an inquisitive mind, quick wit (Time magazine said, “His wry sense of humor will be a relief to hassled parents”), and a commitment to help, Armin offers an upbeat, informative, and engaging program filled with advice listeners can immediately use.

Armin Brott is widely considered one of the country’s leading experts on fatherhood. He is a father of three, former U.S. Marine, best-selling author, nationally syndicated newspaper columnist, speaker, and spokesman. His books on fatherhood, including The Expectant Father, The New Father: A Dad’s Guide to the First Year, The Single Father, and The Military Father: A Hands-on Guide for Deployed Dads, have sold over 2 million copies. His column, “Ask Mr. Dad,” is distributed by Tribune Content Agency (formerly McClatchy) and reaches millions of readers in print and online every week. Armin has written for hundreds of publications and websites, including The New York Times Magazine, The Wall St. Journal, Parenting, Sports Illustrated,, Yahoo News, and many more. He is a frequent media expert and has appeared on more than 500 television and radio shows, including Today, CBS’s The Early Show, Fox News, The O’Reilly Factor, and Politically Incorrect.

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