Staying Involved

  • Why involved fatherhood is good for families, marriages, kids, and the dads themselves
  • How dads can be more involved in their children’s school and afterschool lives
  • What dads can do to get and stay more involved
  • What fathers can do to help their children become mensches (decent human beings)
  • The myths and barriers that keep men from being as involved as they want to be

Changing Role of Dads

  • How fathers change and develop over the course of their lives and in relation to their children
  • The changing role of fathers in today’s society

Dads and Work

  • Men’s worklife concerns and how dads and employers can work together

For Health Practitioners

  • What doctors and other health care practitioners can do to make dads feel more welcome
  • Expectant Fathers and New Fathers
  • Special concerns of expectant and new fathers

Dads and Moms

  • How men and women can better share the workload at home
  • What women can do to get their husbands more involved

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