Question samples to jumpstart your interview

  1. Mothers often complain that their husbands don’t do enough around the house or with the children. What’s the two biggest mistakes mothers make and what can they do to get their husbands to take on more responsibility?
  2. Everyone knows how women change physically during pregnancy. But you write that a lot of expectant fathers experience physical changes too. What kind of symptoms are you talking about and what accounts for them?
  3. What’s the biggest mistake new dads make and how can they avoid making it?
  4. You write that being an involved dad can actually improve a man’s sex life. What do you mean by that?
  5. What special challenges do single dads face and how can they remain involved in their children’s lives even when they aren’t able to see them as much as they’d like?
  6. While there are many resources for expecting mothers, are there any resources out there for expectant and new dads?

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