A pioneer in the field of fatherhood, Armin Brott has been building better fathers… one dad at a time, for over a decade.

Known for his practical, hands-on advice and sense of humor, Armin Brott’s award-winning, best-selling books on fatherhood have changed the lives of millions of readers–fathers and mothers alike–worldwide. Drawing on the interviews and research he’s done with hundreds of fathers as well as his own experience as a father of three, Armin will give your audience real-world information, understanding, and tips that will immediately benefit them and their families.

Armin offers a variety of options:


These presentations, which are customized to the needs of your organization, typically last 45 minutes plus Q&A. Sample topics include:

  • The Military Father. How deployed servicemembers can stay connected with their spouse and children before, during, and after deployment.
  • Father for Life. How men grow and change over the course of their life with children, from being an expectant father all the way through the grandfather years.
  • The Other Glass Ceiling. Exploring the myths and barriers that keep men from being the fathers they want to be.
  • Share and Share Alike. What women can do to get their husbands to take on more responsibility at home.
  • Not Your Father’s World. The changing role of fathers in today’s society.
  • Always a Parent. How divorced and never-married fathers can stay involved in their children’s lives.

Classes and Workshops

These hands-on, interactive presentations typically last 60-90 minutes and include small-group activities and discussions.

  • For Expectant Fathers Only (3 hours). An informative, entertaining workshop for expectant dads to prepare them for the first few months of new fatherhood. Filled with valuable advice to start men on the path to becoming great dads.
  • Fatherhood 101. An overview of how becoming a dad changes a man’s life, his relationships, and his self-image.
  • Fathers and Sons. The vital role men play in the healthy development of boys.
  • Fathers and Daughters. Helping girls thrive in today’s world.
  • Looking in the Mirror. Exploring what makes you the father you are today and how you can become the father you want to be.

Bridging the Work-Family Divide

Seventy percent of working dads have a difficult time balancing their professional and family responsibilities. This “father stress” often leads to increased absenteeism, reduced work performance, higher employee turnover, and increased worker’s comp costs. These on-site workshops give working fathers tools and strategies to reduce the conflict they feel between work and family life and increase their effectiveness and satisfaction at both. Brown-bag lunch workshops typically last 90 minutes. Half-day and full-day seminars are also available.