Being a great dad (or the wife of a great dad!) is a challenge, and we all need a little help sometimes. Not all that long ago, being a “good father” mean being the provider protector, putting food on the table and shoes on everyone’s feet. That was all that was expected—and, in many ways, all that was allowed. But today, being a “good father” means a whole lot more. Sure, we’re still supposed to provide and protect. But we’re also supposed to be:

  • Positive role models
  • Mentors
  • Coaches
  • Teachers and guides
  • Present in our children’s lives
  • Active and involved in childcare and running the house
  • Effective and productive professionally
  • Good husbands/partners
  • Good communicator
  • Upstanding members of our community
  • A shoulder to cry on
  • Human playground equipment

Whew! That’s a lot of pressure.

What kind of dad do you want to be? And what’s keeping you from getting there?

I’ve spent the last 15+ years giving men the resources, guidance, practical tools, and support they need to be the dads they want to be—and their family needs them to be. So if you’re looking for practical, real-world, easily implementable solutions for any of the following, I can definitely help you to:

  • Be a more effective, confident, competent father
  • Better balance your work and family lives
  • Help your children thrive and reach their full potential
  • Stay involved, from pregnancy through the teen years and beyond
  • Cope with everyday parenting issues, from midnight wakeups, potty training, and helping with homework, to reading bedtime stories, bullies, and teen jobs
  • Build strong relationships with your children—no matter how old they are or how difficult they’re being
  • Stay in touch and keep relationships strong—even if you have to be away from your children because of work, divorce, or military deployment
  • Get your children to listen to you
  • Keep your relationship with you partner fresh and healthy
  • Be the very best dad you can possibly be
  • Get back your daddy mojo and your enthusiasm for fatherhood And more!

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