Whether you’re looking for a coach, a keynote speaker, a spokesperson, or an expert to make your brand more appealing to fathers, America’s Most-Trusted Dad®, Armin Brott, has what you need.

Being a great dad (or the wife of a great dad!) is a challenge, and we all need a little help sometimes. Not all that long ago, being a “good father” mean being the provider protector, putting food on the table and shoes on everyone’s feet. That was all that was expected—and, in many ways, all that was allowed. But today, being a “good father” means a lot more. Sure, we’re still supposed to provide and protect. But we’re also supposed to be:

  • A positive role model
  • A mentor
  • A coach
  • A teacher and guide
  • A regular presence in our children’s lives
  • An active, involved participant in childcare and running the house
  • An effective, productive employee or business person
  • A good husband
  • A good communicator
  • An upstanding member of our community
  • A shoulder to cry on
  • A living, breathing piece of playground equipment
  • The heavy-lifting, carpool-driving, lawn-mowing, lunch-making, playdate-organizing, story-reading, dish-washing guy

Whew! That’s a lot of pressure.

What kind of dad do you want to be? And what’s keeping you from getting there?

I’ve spent the last 15+ years giving men the resources, guidance, practical tools, and support they need to be the dads they want to be—and their family needs them to be. So if you’re looking for practical, real-world, easy to implement solutions for any of the following, I can definitely help.

  • How to be a more effective, confident, competent father
  • How to better balance your work and family lives
  • How to help your children thrive and reach their full potential
  • How to stay involved, from pregnancy through the teen years and beyond
  • How to cope with everyday parenting issues, from midnight wakeups, potty training, and helping with homework, to reading bedtime stories, bullies, and teen jobs
  • How to build strong relationships with your children—no matter how old they are or how difficult they’re being
  • How to stay in touch and keep relationships strong—even if you have to be away from your children because of work, divorce, or military deployment
  • How to get your children to listen to you
  • How to keep your relationship with you partner fresh and healthy
  • How to be the very best dad you can possibly be
  • Getting back your daddy mojo and your enthusiasm for fatherhood

Why Major Corporations Trust Armin to Speak for Their Products

“Great to see the product come to life in a very meaningful context. Armin did a great job – a very natural endorser.” 
– Brand Manager, Relationship Marketing, Pampers

hire Mr. Dad Armin Brott as your corporate spokespersonWhen it comes to marketing child-related consumer and parenting products, advertisers have traditionally targeted women and mothers. Fathers have been an afterthought. But that is beginning to change. With fathers taking on an increasing role in the home, and making a growing share of the household purchases, advertisers can no longer ignore dads. As your Corporate Spokesperson, Armin will help you present your products or services in a dad-friendly way, allowing your company to reach the important, but largely untapped dad market. An accomplished author and speaker, Armin has earned an enviable credibility as an authority on fatherhood and families. His books have sold millions of copies world-wide and he reaches millions more interested consumers with his nationally syndicated newspaper column and internationally syndicated radio shows. A veteran of hundreds of radio, television, and print interviews, Armin Brott is a master at getting the message out.His gentle sense of humor and his relaxed on-stage, on-camera style make him the personality you want to represent your company.Leading American corporations have enjoyed the benefits of Armin’s endorsement. And your company can do the same. Consumers will have a positive response to the “Mr. Dad” name.

Book Armin To Speak To Your Organization

A pioneer in the field of fatherhood, Armin Brott has been building better fathers… one dad at a time, for over a decade. Known for his practical, hands-on advice and sense of humor, Armin Brott’s award-winning, best-selling books on fatherhood have changed the lives or millions of readers’ fathers and mothers alike’ worldwide. Drawing on the interviews and research he’s done with hundreds of fathers as well as his own experience as a father of three, Armin will give your audience real-world information, understanding, and tips that will immediately benefit them and their families. To book Armin to speak to your organization, please contact us.

Armin offers a variety of options:

  • Keynotes. These presentations, which are customized to the needs of your organization, typically last 45 minutes plus Q&A. Sample topics include:
    • The Military Father. How deployed service members can stay connected with their spouse and children before, during, and after deployment.
    • Father for Life. How men grow and change over the course of their life with children, from being an expectant father all the way through the grandfather years.
    • The Other Glass Ceiling. Exploring the myths and barriers that keep men from being the fathers they want to be.
    • Share and Share Alike. What women can do to get their husbands to take on more responsibility at home.
    • Not Your Father’s World. The changing role of fathers in today’s society.
    • Always a Parent. How divorced and never-married fathers can stay involved in their children’s lives.
  • Classes and workshops. These hands-on, interactive presentations typically last 60-90 minutes and include small-group activities and discussions.
    • Fatherhood 101. An overview of how becoming a dad changes a man’s life, his relationships, and his self-image. Filled with valuable advice to start men on the path to becoming great dads.
    • Fathers and Sons. The vital role men play in the healthy development of boys.
    • Fathers and Daughters. Helping girls thrive in today’s world.
    • Looking in the Mirror. Exploring what makes you the father you are today and how you can become the father you want to be.
  • Bridging the Work-Family Divide. (With esteemed executive coach, Jeffrey Levine.) Seventy percent of working dads have a difficult time balancing their professional and family responsibilities. This “father stress” often leads to increased absenteeism, reduced work performance, higher employee turnover, and increased worker’s comp costs. These on-site workshops give working fathers tools and strategies to reduce the conflict they feel between work and family life and increase their effectiveness and satisfaction at both. Brown-bag lunch workshops typically last 90 minutes. Half-day and full-day seminars are also available. For more information on our “Balancing Father Stress and Professional Success” workshops, including a course outline, please visit our website, FathersAtWork.com

Trying to break into the growing Dad Market? Well, nobody knows dads like Mr. Dad. And the fact is that selling to dads (and other men) is very different than selling to moms. A one-size-fits-all approach simply won’t do. So let us help you craft your message in a way that will resonate and connect with fathers and those who love them. Contact us to learn more.

And if you’re interested in creating a more father-friendly workplace, we can help with that too. Companies with dad-friendly policies have higher morale, lower turnover, better shareholder return, and more. It’s good for your company and good for your employees. Contact us to learn more.