Interested in adding “Positive Parenting” to your station’s line-up?

Producer, host, best-selling author, and nationally recognized parenting expert, Armin Brott has been a familiar Sunday morning voice since 1996. Audience reaction to this 30-minute, taped show has been consistently positive. Enthusiastic listeners regularly call in to praise the show, ask for CDs, and make suggestions for future topics. Armin Brott’s “Positive Parenting” radio show is offered free to stations on a barter basis, and is delivered weekly by digital download. For more information, email armin[at]mrdad[com] or call 1-800-DAD-BOOK.

Raves for Armin Brott’s “Positive Parenting”

From listeners….

“Your show is on my radio every Sunday morning! Thanks for what you do!” – A mother in Arlington, VA

“Keep up the good work on your show! I listen to it every Sunday on my way to church. I am a grampa now but still learn from it! Bless you.” – A grandfather in San Francisco

“Listening to ‘Positive Parenting’ has made me a better parent. I can think of no better compliment!” – A father in Oakland, CA

From guests….

“From my perspective, Armin Brott distinguishes himself from most other radio hosts with his conscientious preparation, his thought-provoking questions, and his relaxed, engaging style. His listeners are fortunate to have such a knowledgeable, sensitive guide to help them better address and understand the complexities of family life.” – Brad Sachs, author of The Good Enough Teen

“Armin Brott is the radio host to tune in for great advice about parenting. His experience as an author and father of three makes him a great interviewer. I highly recommend ‘Positive Parenting’ and loved being a guest!” – Jennifer Hull, author of Beyond One: Growing a Family and Getting a Life,

From publicists….

“All of my parenting book authors know the impact that the show “Positive Parenting” has on sales, and we consider it a top booking in the San Francisco and Parenting market to reach our target audience.” – Adrienne Biggs, Biggs Publicity,

“Armin Brott’s radio program “Positive Parenting” is an important, influential outlet for new books. We’re always thrilled when he’s able to interview one of our authors.” – Heather Smith, Publicity Manager, Ballantine Books

“Armin Brott and his radio show, ‘Positive Parenting,’ provide the voice of parents in today’s challenging world. Armin’s insightful manner and informative and entertaining guests give parents an excellent venue to have their questions answered and to learn they are not alone in their frustrations. Armin’s ability to create timely shows about urgent issues makes ‘Positive Parenting’ one of the most important radios shows for anyone who wants to raise great kids and be the best parent they can be.” – Anne Leedom, Editor-in-Chief,