Michael Hollander, author of Helping Teens Who Cut.
Skills and techniques to end self-injury.
Issues: Understanding self-injury and why kids do it; introducing DBT (dialectical behavior therapy) and why it’s successful; how does hurting themselves make some kids feel better; how to help your child restore emotion to its proper place.

Michael Bennett and Sarah Bennett, authors of F*ck Love.
Sensible advice for finding a lasting relationship.
Issues: Reasons good people can’t find good partners; questions to which the answer is always “no”; how to prevent yourself from getting worn out by internet dating; the myth of the sense of humor; should my partner and I break up? what to consider before deciding to get divorced.

Michael Gurian, author of Saving Our Sons.
A new path for raising health and resilient boys.
Issues: Recognizing and confronting the boy crisis; the real causes of male violence; the new science of healthy boyhood; dangerous attacks on boyhood; supporting and building male emotional intelligence; the male motivational and maturity gap; much more.

Harriet Lerner, author of Why Won’t You Apologize?
Healing big betrayals and everyday hurts.
Issues: Best ways to ruin an apology; why some people refuse to apologize while others over-apologize; how to get past anger and resentment when you’ll never get the apology you deserve; why forgiving too quickly can hurt you; the simple sentence that will teach children to apologize.

Dennis Trittin, author of What I Wish I Knew at 18.
Life lessons for the road ahead.
Issues: Getting a perspective on life; the importance of character; relationships and communication; handling adversity; career selection and advancement; college academics; managing your finances; love and marriage; much more.

Lisen Stromberg, author of Work, Pause, Thrive.
How to pause for parenthood without killing your career.
Issues: The politics of pausing; men want a place in the home; conscious careers, conscious choices; thriving: the career you deserve, the life you want; money matters; the need to prepare yourself and your career before you pause; what to do during your pause.

Beth Kobliner, author of Make Your Kid a Money Genius Even If You’re Not.
Why talking to your kids about money may be the most important thing you’ll do as a parent.
Issues: Rules for talking to your kids about money; how to save more; understanding the value of hard work; getting (and staying) out of debt; better, smarter spending; insurance; investing; saving for college; much more.

Isaac Lidsky, author of Eyes Wide Open.
Overcoming obstacles and recognizing opportunities in a world that doesn’t see clearly.
Issues: Tackling fears in moments of extreme change; taking ownership of your mental capability to shape your own reality; focusing your viewpoint with regard to purported weaknesses; is there such a thing as luck? How to listen with your eyes wide open to understand what others are communicating.