Test your knowledge on pregnancy and the countdown to fatherhood with this engaging, funny new book from New York Times bestselling author, Armin Brott. With chapters for each of the 9 months of pregnancy and special sections on infertility, labor, and delivery, FAQ for Expectant Fathers features tips and answers on supporting your partner during her pregnancy, along with all the advice you’ll need to prepare yourself for fatherhood. The book features topics guys need to know (such as how men’s hormones change during pregnancy) and doesn’t shy away from topics guys want to know (will I ever have sex again?), all of which is told with the authority and honesty of an informed buddy.

On one page is a fill-in-the-blank statement about impending fatherhood, along with four multiple choice answers. Test yourself, then turn the page to find some helpful advice drawn from the expertise of top practitioners, as well as Brott’s own background as a father of three and the real-world experience of thousands of others.

Here’s a quick preview:

Q: Some research has found that the more severe the morning sickness, the _______ will be.

a. higher the baby’s IQ
b. prettier the baby
c. louder the baby
d. crankier the baby


A: Women who have severe morning sickness are less likely to miscarry, deliver prematurely, or have low-birth weight babies. Some research has found that the more severe the mother’s symptoms, the higher the baby’s IQ will be.

Tip: Telling her these things won’t make her feel much better, but it might make her smile as she’s leaning over the toilet bowl.