FATHERING YOUR TODDLER: A DAD’S GUIDE TO THE SECOND AND THIRD YEARS sheds invaluable and compassionate light on the turbulent toddler years, providing fathers (and mothers too) with the tools they need to meet the challenges of being–and staying–active, involved parents. FATHERING YOUR TODDLER is the third in the highly successful New Father series by award-winning author Armin Brott (America’s Most-Trusted Dad).

The second and third years of a child’s life are notoriously challenging and parents–especially fathers–often find themselves overwhelmed trying to make sense of their child’s (and their own) developmental stages. FATHERING YOUR TODDLER is divided into three-month blocks, with each chapter describing

  • The toddler’s physical, intellectual, verbal, and emotional development
  • What the father is going through, emotionally and psychologically, during each stage of his toddler’s development
  • Specific activities dads and toddlers can do together that help build and strengthen their relationship
  • The family: communication between parents, family planning, and much more.

FATHERING YOUR TODDLERcontains a wealth of information that covers the full range of child development and fatherhood issues in chronological order. Topics include:

  • The best ways to deal with a toddler’s temper tantrums
  • Getting to know your toddler’s temperament
  • How families can keep better track of finances
  • The main factors to consider when choosing a preschool
  • How fathers and toddlers can maintain a healthy, satisfying relationship
  • Appropriate ways of disciplining a toddler
  • How to avoid gender stereotyping
  • Creative activities for dads and toddlers
  • Getting kids up and running on a computer

In his trademark down-to-earth style, Brott integrates the research of leading experts in the field, his own personal experience as the father of two, plus his interviews with hundreds of fathers of toddlers.

Brott gives a much-needed voice to the fatherhood experience. Although the book is aimed specifically at dads, moms will find his advice helpful as well. Not only will FATHERING YOUR TODDLER help mothers better understand and interact with their toddler, but it will be invaluable in helping them understand the father of their toddler.

New Yorker-style cartoons illustrating the ups and downs of life with a toddler are sure to tickle the funny bone of even the most harried dad.

FATHERING YOUR TODDLER is the essential reference for dads (and moms) everywhere.