The Expectant Father: Facts, Tips, and Advice for Dads-to-Be (3rd edition)

This invaluable book explores the emotional, financial, and even physical changes the father-to-be may experience during his partner’s pregnancy. Written in an easy-to-absorb format and filled with sound advice and practical tips for men on such topics as how to make sense of your conflicting emotions, how pregnancy affects your sex life, and how to start a college fund, this volume reassures, commiserates, informs, and entertains. It also incorporates the wisdom of top experts in the field, from obstetricians and birth-class instructors to psychologists and sociologists.

This new edition features the latest research on many topics from preconception issues, overcoming infertility, and information addressing assisted reproductive technologies to prenatal communication and education. An update of the childbirth section reflects the fact that about 80 percent of all deliveries are done with epidurals and provides new information on c-sections. The finances and insurance sections have been completely overhauled. There is new information on work and family matters, tons of tips for young dads, advice for stepfathers (first child for dad, second or more for mom), a concise section about military fathers, and a revised resources chapter and bibliography.

Illustrated throughout with New Yorker cartoons that will make even the most anxious father chuckle, this book is the essential reference for all expectant couples.

What’s new in this edition of The Expectant Father?

The new edition of The Expectant Father has been thoroughly updated, expanded, and revised to reflect the latest research and the ever-evolving role of Dad. The third edition of The Expectant Father is more than 100 pages longer than the second edition (the second edition, published in 2001, was 272 pages; the current third edition is 376 pages).
Author Armin Brott has thoroughly updated this classic, bestselling book to reflect the very latest research on fathers’ vital role during pregnancy, the impact on their children, and the current issues facing today’s fathers, garnered from Brott’s ongoing interviews with dads.

Specific topic updates include:

  • Information for fathers deployed in the military, civilian contractors, or those who are separated from their family for extended periods of time for other reasons
  • Preconception health (what prospective dads and moms can do before getting pregnant to increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy and baby)
  • Getting pregnant after a miscarriage
  • Coping with and overcoming infertility
  • Information for men who become fathers through ART (Artificial Reproductive Technology), including IVF (in vitro fertilization), artificial insemination, sperm donation, egg donation, or surrogacy. Sections on how becoming a dad through ART affects the man, his partner, and their life together.
  • Completely new, updated sections on finances, including 529 fiscal plans and other college savings products
  • Fully updated back matter resources section
  • New research on how baby’s senses develop before birth
  • Advice for adoptive dads, including men’s psychological adjustment to adopting
  • The possible influence your child’s initials or name may have on his future life. (People with “positive” initials, such as C.E.O., A.C.E., or W.I.N. live longer than those with “negative” initials, such as P.I.G. and R.A.T. Students with names beginning with A and B have higher GPA than students whose names begin with C and D. A disproportionate number of dentists are named Dennis or Denise, and a disproportionate number of geoscientists are named George.)
  • New information about stay-at-home dads and how the decision to have dad remain home can affect the whole family both positively and negatively.
  • The very latest information on childbirth classes, epidurals, and why in 20-30 years, it’s likely that almost all babies will be born by c-section.
  • Man’s changing attitudes about their role as the provider/protector, including new information on the bottom-line benefits to companies that support men’s desires to be actively involved fathers
  • New research on the expectant couple’s sex life, for example how oral sex and orgasms may reduce the chance of certain pregnancy-related risks


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