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Cleaning up on the Holidays

Now that the Holidays are a (hopefully) pleasant memory, what do you do with all the leftovers? Here are some of our favorite finds that will help give 2016 a clean sweep and start your 2017 with an even cleaner slate. Shark Rocket Complete People have been traipsing in and out of your home for months now. And whether it’s winter mud, snow, salt, spilled food, or random holiday wrapping and decorations, the floors are a mess, and could really use a deep cleaning, right? The Shark Rocket Complete is a beast of a vacuum, with two powered brush rolls...

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Blasting into the New Year

Because playing with your kids—no matter how old they are—is a blast, here are some great ways to start your 2017 off with well, a blast.   Laser X Two Player Laser Gaming Set (NSI International, Inc.) There are a lot of words to describe Laser X, but to keep the list short, we’ll limit ourselves to “Wow!” “Amazing!” “Cool!” “Whooo—hooo!” and, most importantly, “Let’s do it again!” Get the point? We reviewed the two-player set, which, if you’re a laser newbie, is the only way to go. Playing against someone else is infinitely more fun than playing by...

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I Just Want My Daddy Back

Dear Mr. Dad: My mother died when I was a baby and I’ve lived my whole life (I’m 13) with my dad and we have a very close relationship—or at least I thought we did. A month or so ago, he told me that he’d finally found the woman of his dreams and that he’s getting married again. I want to be happy for him but all I feel is sadness. It feels like he doesn’t love me anymore and I’m really jealous of his girlfriend. He spends a huge amount of time with her and that takes away...

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A Guide to Dating and Sex for Teen Boys + Digital Mystique

Interviews with Andrew Smiler, author of Dating and Sex, about everything teen boys need to know about dating and sex; and Sarah Granger, author of The Digital Mystique, about how the culture of connectivity can empower your life—online and off.

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With @Netflix, There’s No Such Thing As “I’m Bored”

One of my pet peeves is hearing a child—especially mine—say, “I’m bored.” Come on, really? What about all those books on shelves all over the house? What about—I hate to even bring up the topic—your homework? What about taking the dog for a walk, cleaning up your room, or playing a game with me? And what about doing a little #Netflix-ing? Winter got underway in the Bay Area with a bang, and it’s been brutally cold (I know, I know, compared to North Dakota, we’re having a heat wave, but for us thin-blooded Californians, it’s freezing out there). The...

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Sometimes It’s Good to Be a Loser

Dear Mr. Dad: My kids are 9 and 11 and they’re fortunate enough to be good at almost everything they do. But if something comes up that they don’t pick up immediately—whether it’s a sport, a board game, an art project, or something else—they tend to get frustrated and quit. How can I get them to understand that losing—or at least not being perfect at everything—is part of life? A: You’ve just put your finger on one of the biggest challenges facing parents today: how to teach our children not only to accept failure but to embrace it. Unfortunately,...

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How Our Biggest Setbacks Can Lead to Our Greatest Gains

Interview with Sam Weinman, author of Win at Losing, about how our biggest setbacks can lead to our greatest gains–and what we lose from winning.

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Dads, Kids, and Fitness + How to Win at Losing

Interviews with William Marsiglio, author of Dads, Kids, & Fitness, about dads’ role as health role models; and Sam Weinman, author of Win at Losing, about how our biggest setbacks can lead to our greatest gains–and what we lose from winning.

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Parents@Play Gift Guide #7: There’s Still Time, But You’d Better Hurry…

You mean you haven’t finished your Holiday shopping yet? Not to worry. Here are some great last-minute options that are sure to please.   Compete Hot Wheels Edition Wearable (nabi) In theory, this fitness tracker for kids is pretty similar to the one you may have your wrist, with its step counter and a promise to make exercise less boring. But unlike most trackers for adults, this one actually keeps that promise by truly making exercise fun by letting kids set distance goals such as a marathon or a run across the Brooklyn Bridge, giving kids info on how...

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