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Is It Summer or Not?

In some parts of the country, summer can’t seem to decide whether it’s actually here or not. Hot, cold, hot, cold. Here are some great ways … [Read More...]

Military Family Friday: Positive Relationships with Kids + Reserves is More Than One Weekend Per Month

Taking the time and effort to prepare yourself and your children for the upcoming separation will be a challenge; there’s no question that … [Read More...]

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Latest “Ask Mr. Dad” Column

Water Safety:

Dear Mr. Dad: My 4-year old twins are crazy about swimming or floating or doing pretty much anything in and around water. On one hand, I’m … [Read More...]

Beyond DadBod: Why Men’s Health is a Women’s Issue

Dear Mr. Dad: My husband doesn’t exercise, he eats tons of fried foods and sugary drinks, and hasn’t been to see a doctor in years. Worse … [Read More...]

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Latest “Positive Parenting” Podcast

Solving Your Child’s Allergies, Asthma, Food Sensitivities, and Related Problems

Robert Sears, coauthor of The Allergy Book. Topic: Solving your child’s allergies, asthma, food sensitivities, and related … [Read More...]

Peaceful Parents, Happy Siblings

Laura Markham, author of Peaceful Parents, Happy Siblings. Topic: How to stop the fighting and raise friends for life. Issues: The most … [Read More...]

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